Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Updating One Field from Another. Easy Customization.

Hi Everyone.

One of the most often called customization requests is to default (or update) a Field A, based on what was entered in a Field B. And now its time for me to post a memo article on standard technique for this customization.

Lets define a scope of work:

1. When we issue an invoice to a customer.
2. And then select a Project used by this customer.
3. We have to default a Customer Ref Number field with a Project Purchase Order Number.
4. Which is, in its own case, an Attribute of a Project, and has to be retrieved from there.
5. PO Number is defined in Project Module "Attributes" screen and entered into a "Project" Maintenance screen.

Something like this:

In the video below I comment on customization done. Please find the code for the customization below.

Here is the code:

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using PX.Data;
using PX.Objects.GL;
using PX.Objects.CM;
using PX.Objects.CS;
using PX.Objects.CR;
using PX.Objects.TX;
using PX.Objects.IN;
using PX.Objects.BQLConstants;
using PX.Objects.EP;
using PX.TM;
using SOInvoice PX.Objects.SO.SOInvoice;
using SOInvoiceEntry PX.Objects.SO.SOInvoiceEntry;
using PX.Objects.SO;
using PX.Objects.DR;
using PX.Objects;
using PX.Objects.AR;
using PX.Objects.PM;

namespace PX.Objects.AR
  public class Cst_ARInvoiceEntryARInvoiceEntry

    #region Event Handlers
protected override void ARInvoice_ProjectID_FieldUpdated(PXCache senderPXFieldUpdatedEventArgs e)
  var row (ARInvoice)e.Row;
  var ProjectID row.ProjectID;
  var CustRefNbr row.InvoiceNbr;
  string EntityType "PR";
  string Attribute "PONUMBER";
  //CustRefNbr = CustRefNbr + 1;
  PMProject pm PXSelect<PMProject,
             Where<PMProject.baseTypeEqual<PMProject.ProjectBaseType>And<PMProject.nonProjectEqual<False>And<PMProject.contractIDEqual<Current<ARInvoice.projectID>>And<PMProject.isTemplateNotEqual<True>>>>>>.SelectSingleBound(thisnew object [e.Row });
  if (pm != null)
  //CustRefNbr = pm.ContractCD;

  PXResultset<CSAnswersres PXSelectJoin<CSAnswers,
  CSAnswers ans res;

  if (ans.Value != null)
  //CustRefNbr = ans.Value;

  ARInvoice line sender.CreateCopy(rowas ARInvoice;
  line.InvoiceNbr ans.Value;
  //string msg = CustRefNbr;
  //throw new PXSetPropertyException(msg);
  //row.InvoiceNbr = CustRefNbr;




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  1. Sergey, can you talk about accessing and modifying attribute fields in general? There is a serious lack of that information in Acumatica. For instance accessing and modifying attributes in Stock Items.

    1. Hi, thanks for asking. Just found a learning video on adding attributes. But I believe you need something more comprehensive, like where they stored and how to access them?

  2. How would you update the Attribute programmatically from a custom field instead of the other way around?

    1. There is no difference between what you call Attribute and Custom Field. As long as these fields are in a DAC, they treated the same way. I recommend you to post development case or take some development training as a reference for the development example as well.

  3. In this example you update a custom field from an attribute. How would you update the attribute from a custom field or from another attribute?
    For example if I had existing Attribute called PCNumber on Contacts and I wanted to Update the PCNumber Attribute on a Case depending on the Contact selected...

    1. You mean on cases not a single case, as there could be multiple cases attached to a contact? You need to write a code a assume that selects all the cases, and updates them one by one.