Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cloud Concept. Cambodia.

Hi Everyone,

Surprisingly Cambodia market grows very fast, and Cloud is much appreciated there.
Wanted to share some pictures from recent event in Phnom Penh.

Thanks to SunFix and personally Kosol Sieng.

All the best,

Friday, June 13, 2014

Acumatica seems to be the Fastest Web based ERP

Hi Everyone,

Let me propose a contest. Lets measure web based ERPs performance.
After we made multiple installation, demos and research, it seems that Acumatica is the fastest.
Not just fastest but far ahead of any other ERP that uses your browser as a mean of data entry.

I know, this post may look provocative, but I wish to see fair competition results!
Same as we see nowadays in Brazil World Cup :) fair play guys!
Contest please!

Rules are simple.

1. Take the file with 1000 lines of General Ledger transactions.
2. Import it into your ERP using either web services or any data import you have in it. Copy paste will do if you have it in your ERP.
3. Save the transaction.
4. Measure the result.

Below is the video on how it is done in Acumatica. Please take note I purposely make this batch imbalanced to test import process validation. As you may see at the end Debit and Credit for the batch is calculated properly and document require correction for the difference.

Here we go:

If you accept the challenge, please post at the comment your results. Thanks!

All the best,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

SQL2014 Compatibility and Editions

Hi All,

There was a question from our partners, whether Acumatica supports SQL2014.
Answer is YES.

Below are screenshots I made from Windows 2012 R2 server with SQL 2014 Express.

Take note on version of SQL

Here is the naming, we can use Named instances of SQL

Here is how it looks using SQL2014

And reports are fine as well

One more thing, people asking if Express is ok. Yes it works, below I put some restrictions for SQL2014 Editions. So please choose if DB less than 10GB then Express is fine. As well as it limits SQL RAM by 1G only.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Adding Field (Selector) with Exotic Attributes (Project, Customer etc.)

Hi Everyone,

Goal for today: reuse attributes of the Acumatica fields.

I am sure most of you when tried to add a new field to Acumatica, was thinking about reusing the selector from an existing fields.

For example, in a screen for RQ Request I would like to add Project ID field.
I know that this field is used in GL Journal Transaction details also in AR Invoice header screen and many other places.

There is one issue, however...

When i look at the Attributes of this field, I found scribblings that impossible to understand and therefore reuse:

This attribute is hardcoded somewhere in Acumatica, and is very hard to understand what is inside this ActiveProjectForModule...

Well, it was a problem till version 4.2. Before the browser did not display special source code.
But now, in Acumatica 4.2 onward, I can find what is behind this sacred code and reuse it the way I want.

Let me show the place where you can search for the code.

Navigate to your web site then App_Data\Code Repository\PX.Objects\PM\Descriptor\
Here we have a file Attribute.cs lets open it and find what we want, basically search for ActiveProjectForModule:

You may see, there are 4 constructor elements inside this class. Choose the best appropriate, I would take simplest one: ActiveProjectForModuleAttribute(string module)

Lets use this attribute for the newly added control at the requisition module:

1. I do not need to default anything.
2. [PM.ActiveProjectForModule(PX.Objects.GL.BatchModule.AR)] will be the attribute.

Why PX.Objects.GL. need to be added in forn - is due to Attributes are not in the main graph form and need to be declared directly.
So we have a single parameter left from the original AR Screen attribute.

And result here we are:

All the best,