Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Centralized Period Management feature in Acumatica ERP

 Dear Readers,

Some new features in Financial have such ambiguous naming that needs to  get clarified.

Centralized Period Management feature, that is implemented in the latest versions can be switched on or off at the Feature Set screen:

Not to get tricked by name it has little to do with centralized financials or centralized reporting. 

The only function of it is to synchronize fiscal period closure. Meaning in all Branches/Companies under a dedicated Tenant fiscal period will get closed at the same time if you ticked that option. You can't have say branch A GL period 01-2021 be open while in branch B 01-2021 to get closed.  

Actually, it was always like that before introducing Tenant-Company-Branch hierarchy in Acumatica.
You close period in a tenant, it closes everywhere. 

Now we have an option to close period in branch A but keep it open in branch B.

So if you want it - 'untick' Centralized Period Management feature option.

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Friday, July 9, 2021

Acumatica Framework Developer Alert. Join Now or Never.

Dear Acumatica Developers.

If you are keen to try your skills and face new challenges coming from the Education sector - please send a message to my LinkedIn or email.

Today with the new landscape, new forms of learning, telecommunication and artificial intelligence we can take the opportunity and progress very fast. Please join the team of experienced developers.



Monday, August 3, 2020

Excel Based Reporting. Velixo vs GI

Hi Everyone,

Please note a bright example of how OData in Acumatica can be used by Excel based reports.
This demo also discusses a new Excel feature Dynamic Array, that is something worth to look at.

So, please take a look at Velixo, which is Excel based Acumatica tailored reporter (and not only).

They have recently added Single Sign On (SSO).

Have fun 

All the Best,

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Removing List as Entry Point feature for Newer Versions

Hi Everyone,

If your clients are not really fond of this "new feature", especially when you open a data entry screen menu item and all of a sudden user is getting 100,500 records into your screen, with all server burden overload attached. We have an option now.

There is a way to switch it off. 

Via user interface it has to be done One by One for all the data entry screens, as shown here:

Note the screen name, open it, then click CUSTOMIZATION -> EDIT GENERIC INQUIRY:

And once opened here is the option you need to amend:

There are two ways of doing it - complete removal of the entry list, then un-tick the option, save, done. OR you can leave entry list there but restrict the initial load to 50 records only. then amend Select Top to 50.

This will guarantee no strain to your server any more.

Now, for those who read it up to here, a bonus, here is a script that will do all this for all screens at once, it works for all implementations, as long as you have not modified the GI manually:

update GIDesign set selecttop = 50 where companyid = 1 and PrimaryScreenIDNew is not null

All the best,


Monday, June 1, 2020

Restricted Use of Control Accounts in Acumatica (2019R2 and up)

Hi Everyone,

Let me share recent Douglas Johnson video on Control Account feature in Acumatica:

Please be warned however, that even though this feature was introduced with option not to choose account as a control account.
It will always check on certain scenarios like Reversing a Bill, whether AP account is marked as control account or not.

It may cause issues if your customization are sensitive to warning messages.

So please take note. However in overall feature is a right one.

Thank you,