Monday, June 25, 2012

Hardware Upgrade? Compatibility Issues?

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Recently I got a call from one of the legacy ERP system (Solomon IV) customer. They are still using software released in late nineties. It is no longer supported by Solomon or Microsoft.

On the client side they are using Windows XP. Solomon IV works fine with XP. But once we upgrade the PC, operating system will also get replaced. Most of the current laptops are supplied with Windows 7, and option to run XP in virtual mode seemed not to be the best.

Really, what are they upgrading their PCs for, to run a slow VM with XP???

So the only path for them seemed to be an upgrade to the latest version of that Solomon software line... Migrate all the customizations to that new version. Reinstall the client software on their PCs. Retrain the people to use new version... Looks like a full scale upgrade with a small implementation attached.

But what will happen in 5 years’ time, when the current version will age and require replacement due to hardware upgrade? Should we invest in customizations upgrade and migration, reinstallation etc.? Again? Just because of the Hardware Upgrade?

We proposed them to think about upgrade to Acumatica instead.

WEB based system do not require any specific compatibility with the hardware. And when you decided to buy new gadget, Acumatica will start working on it right away.

It does not require local client installation; as long as you have a WEB browser you can use it.

Cloud deployed ERP would be even better solution, not only clients became independent from Hardware Upgrade issues but the server as well.

They are thinking about it and if it turns to be a win, I will let you know.

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