Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dashboards for Management Reporting.

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ERP user, especially manager, would be happy to see relevant information immediately upon login.
To achieve it in Acumatica I have to create one or more dashboards and place them on a home page.

Here is what I was trying to achieve and below is the video with 10 minutes efforts required to complete that.

Here is a demonstration video:

Every dashboard in Acumatica is based on Inquiry Screen. So first we have to find appropriate screen that shows us information we would like to present in a graph.

For the Top 10 Customers dashboard, I used screen Customer Summary from Accounts Receivable module. Just open the inquiry, choose the period we like to see and sort by PTD (Period to Date) Sales amount

Next I pressed Dashboard Button and selected options to represent it as a funnel, select only top 10 records and place it on my homepage.

Category and Value fields are the ones represented on the resulting dashboard, sorting and aggregation is optional in my case, inquiry screen did it for me already.

One hint may be useful, if you wish to navigate from the dashboard to the inquiry screen, just press on the Dashboard Name field, in my case it is Top 10 Customers field.

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