Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Application Pool Settings. Make Sure its 64 bit.

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Just wanted to share application pool settings, that we should set in order to allocate memory better by WEB server.

Assuming we use 64 bit machine to host our IIS server, we may still choose 32 bit or 64 bit compatibility for Application Pool.

32 bit mode allows us to debug the process, therefore we could forget to switch it back to 64 bit mode after debug process it complete and we go for production.

How can we identify that Web Site is using 32 bit mode? Just look at the task manager:

As long as you see x32 at the end of the IIS Worker process name - it runs in 32 bit mode.

Form IIS you can find this option under Application Pool settings

What may happen on production environment when it runs on 32 bit mode, system may consume all memory, and due to 32 bit mode it will not be able to scale it above 2G/4G. And what will happen next:

In order to prevent it from happening, we should switch Application Pool BACK to 64 bit mode:

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