Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sending Report over E-mail. Scheduling.

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Today's topic is automation and integration.
How to send a report over the e-mail?
First let's choose a report we want to send, lets take Aged AR:

Then we can use a Send button on top to manually send it over e-mail. It works fine for one-time send.

Then enter e-mail address into mailer screen:

Resulting e-mail will get delivered into recipient mail box.

What if we want to schedule printing of this report every morning for a list or recipients, like our AR department. Then we have to go back to report and:

1. Create a template with specifying address to send:

 2. Choose this template from the list and click "Schedule template":

3. Set up a schedule for sending at particular time/date/event:
Then we setup hours and conditions if any, in my case I setup daily at specific time.
Then at that time we will get an e-mail with report:

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