Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Solving the Problem with Data Retention.

Hi Guys,

In brief, I need your advise.
Got a problem with one of the prospect, willing to migrate from NetSuite to Acumatica.

They are now stacked to NS due to a legal requirements for data retention. Can you imagine!!!
You see, due to limited deployment models with Net Suite, they can not install the system on premise for historical usage, because they do not owe the license. So now they can not change the ERP from NS to anything else because if they unsubscribe from them - they will loose the whole system with all the customizations.

Even though the database can be extracted in some weird format, still they loose access to reports.
And for the audit they may need all the reports immediately based on auditor request.

Like, I know, what they would do if they decided to change ERP from Acumatica to something else, we allow to use unregistered license for two concurrent users, even if you unsubscribe from cloud or Subscription on Premise license. But NS do not allow that!

What to DO!!!! How to help them?

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  1. We have a case like that we asked the customer to purchase 6 months more of the license, we redo all the customizations in acumatica, and we record in video all the process of the old systems

    1. But what about legal requrments to keep the data for 5 years!!!! How customer can show the auditors data from NetSuite if they unsubscribed?

    2. All I can Imageine is to build a simple report for them and export all the information to access or something like that, but anyway I agree with the advantages to use Acumatica in that kind of situations

  2. Good day! Can anybody assist me in the Acumatica integration with the AD???? Please help!!

  3. Hi Frederik, have you accessed Acumatica partner portal? Acumatica is integrated with AD and you can configure it, please refer to Help->Installation->Integrating Acumatica ERP with Active Directory.

  4. Hi Sergey:

    You may have solved your problem already by now. I would check the specific data retention requirements to find out which data needs to be retained, and in which format. This may avoid a lot of customization.
    Good luck

    Toon Six