Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some New Features in version 4.1 Cloud ERP

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share some of the UI and Functional enhancements to come in version 4.1
Some are still under consideration and test, let me know if you like/don't like.

1. Maintenance Screen for all Filters from the system. Including Grid Filters. Basically to organise filters created by users in numerous screens, so administrator or even user himself can find/delete/amend one quickly.

2. Grid Column Filters. User Interface for columns on the grid. This includes quick filters, much richer functionality.

3. Grid Column Sorting. Enhanced sorting options per column.

4. Payment Charges in Financial Modules. Its when we need to bank or other charges immediately when payment received or made. Cool feature, no need to do it via W/O or Cash manager any more.

And here is how it's GL would look like

5. Much nicer report layouts in HTML format.

Please post your comments until we have finalised the release.
And don't get me wrong there are many more enhancements, these are just a tip of the ice... cream ;)

All the best,