Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Issues with Google Chrome embedded PDF viewer. Use workaround till Chromium team fixes it.

Hi Everyone,

Recently some of our customer started reporting an issue with Google Chrome, while printing reports it cuts the page and does not display details. Also it may hide images embedded into PDF report format. IE and Mozilla FireFox works perfectly fine.

We have checked with Chromium team, found that this issue is a known bug and they work on it. But until the fix is deployed you can use a workaround.

Main sense is to disable built in PDF Viewer and replace it with external plug-in from Adobe. System will still open PDF inside the browser, but without any glitches.

Chromium team, please hurry up :)

Ok, the workaround is to install Adobe PDF Reader on your PC.

Then, once you confirmed you are running the latest Chrome and Adobe Reader, and if issue is still there please try this:

1. Open Chrome and type this into address bar:  chrome://plugins/
It will open plugin page.

2. You should see a list of all the Plug-ins installed for Chrome, please find one called Chrome PDF Viewer plugin, it may look like this:

3. Please make this plugin grayed out (disabled) by clicking on Disable link:

4. After that it should show you this

5. It will now save you a file locally on your PC for viewing by ordinary PDF reader.

If saving a file locally is not preferred option you may do it another way.

1. Install Adobe PDF Reader. Open Chrome and type this into address bar:  chrome://plugins/
2. Find the Adobe Reader plugin.

3. And make it Enabled

4. Please note that Built In Chrome PDF Viewer should be disabled in this configuration:

All the best,