Sunday, October 27, 2019

Changing Acumatica Home Landing Page in 2018R2

Hi Everyone,

Just noticed that in 2018 Acumatica sets landing page as a complex one with multiple links and unnecessary information for some of my customers. This is what comes as default when you click on your company logo:

If your customer for example does not have access to the Internet or for whatever reason wants not to see this page but instead have immediate choice of setting it - I found a way to set landing page as User's profile. So, if user did not set the Home Page for (it)self then system will suggest it for the beginning. Here is how you can do it.

1. Make sure you have access to the database or can execute  a script there.
2. Run the following script against your database:

update sitemap set Url = '~/Pages/SM/SM203010.aspx' where Url = '~/Frames/Default.aspx'

3. Restart your IIS server.
4. Check on opening the system landing page becomes now User profile:

5. Here user may change the landing page as desired. What I did is changed to Account Summary in GL, so next time you click on Company Logo, it will navigate you there.

Please note that you can technically change the page for each module or per company if you modify the above script accordingly.

Addition for 2020R1. Above method does not change the landing page so what you can do is to replace Default.aspx file in the Frames folder with the one from the older versions or use below suggestion from comments.

All the best,