Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Acumatica Asia Grows Rapidly

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thak you for attending numerous trainings we did in Asia this quarter. I had collected plenty of topics for future postings. And of course I appologise for not posting for a month. :)

It was really busy quarter, we have signed more than 20+ partners, and closed 14 deals in Asia pacific. With more and more partners joining Acumatica fan club, we are also planning to grow with you !

As a company we are to settle regional partner ecosystem, with training centre and appointed traininers all over the region. Acumatica University courses are now under review and soon will be available as a classes.
In parallel I am eager to have more people in our Acumatica team. If you feel your skills are fit, feel free, join! Send me a CV or just let me know over the e-mail or skype!

Our PR is to grow as well, soon there will be events in Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and more.

21 October we plan to have a training session for partners in Singapore for deep dive development. Those who are interested, let me know! Please note, passing course T101 is a must.

All the best,

Will keep you all updated,


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