Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Centralized Period Management feature in Acumatica ERP

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Some new features in Financial have such ambiguous naming that needs to  get clarified.

Centralized Period Management feature, that is implemented in the latest versions can be switched on or off at the Feature Set screen:

Not to get tricked by name it has little to do with centralized financials or centralized reporting. 

The only function of it is to synchronize fiscal period closure. Meaning in all Branches/Companies under a dedicated Tenant fiscal period will get closed at the same time if you ticked that option. You can't have say branch A GL period 01-2021 be open while in branch B 01-2021 to get closed.  

Actually, it was always like that before introducing Tenant-Company-Branch hierarchy in Acumatica.
You close period in a tenant, it closes everywhere. 

Now we have an option to close period in branch A but keep it open in branch B.

So if you want it - 'untick' Centralized Period Management feature option.

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