Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Acumatica Notification. How to Pass Empty Field Condition.

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Today will be a short one.

Just realized Acumatica is not very good at handling conditions at Notifications screen.

When you need to Notify someone you create Automation Notification with the exact condition of when to do it.

Potentially, there could be a case when you wish to call a notification ONLY when certain field is Empty. So, how?

It is empty, does not mean NULL, because field may be not nullable, so IsNull will not work.
How? ='' Does not work..... Any other ideas?

After 30 mins of various tries found a solution.

Acumatica Notification Screen

In my case TnC field supposed to be empty. So we use:

Start With in the Condition column, AND we just put ONE single SPACE into Value field.

You cant see space on the picture but I tell you it is there....



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