Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Acumatica is not affected by Heartbleed

Hi Guys,

Basically that is it. We are not affected, because we use Microsoft IIS. So anyone using Acumatica on Azure, AWS or on premise is safe as we run on Microsoft Server OS, that has spend pretty much efforts and money on its own SSL encryption mechanism.

Most importantly, it is always monitored for viruses, and even if whatever virus will try to crash it, the very next day Microsoft would spread an update neutralizing it. Unlike Linux, where bug is for 2 years, still having an issue.

Here is the link to a nice article on ZDNet by Liam Tung, explaining it.

Heartbleed OpenSSL flaw - but Azure escapes

As Dorothy mentioned below, we have also put it in our comapny statement here:

Acumatica Official Statement

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  1. We've also put out a statement on our Acumatica site: http://www.acumatica.com/news/acumatica-not-impacted-by-heartbleed-bug