Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Customer Portal on top of Acumatica ERP

Hi Everyone,

In Acumatica version 4.1 we have added portal functionality. Now is possible to give access for our customers or vendors, so they can see their orders or other information from the ERP with the access limited to their role.

Here is the video made by Doug Johnson, I found very useful, for the portal setup:

Basically to set it up you need to have Running Acumatica ERP instance.
Then you can add portal functionality to it.
If you have Acumatica with versions earlier than 4.1, you can first upgrade it to 4.1 using the same Wizard, then add portal.

In order to fill it with relevant inquiries, please create or reuse existing queries.
You can refer to some of my previous articles on how to create Inquiries.
For example this one:
Active Users

Then this inquiry can be added to the Portal Site map.

Please try and advise if any issues configuring the Portal.

All the best,



  1. Hi Sergey,

    If the user forgot to log-out and he/she just close the browser. The user will remain on-line.

    Just my 2 cents ;)


    1. It depends on how you configure session rimouts in your web site. See my previuos article.
      Under default setup session gets closed in 30 mins

    2. Timeouts. Oh shaky bus this morning :)

  2. Hi Sergey:

    Great job on the customer portal. I can put this video on the website for my prospects. A customer portal, supplier portal, PR portal, HR portal, subcontractor portal are all very very useful.
    Great video by Doug.

    Toon Six