Sunday, October 28, 2012

Acumatica Cloud ERP v4. What is New.

Hi Everyone.

Here I would like to discuss some new features that are to come in version 4.
Product is under beta testing, it goes very well and based on community opinion, will be a success.

Most significant change is enhanced Mobile Device support.
Now screens and menus re-size based on your device automatically. Below is example when Control Debit/Credit amount fields being repositioned automatically on screen width change.

Second great feature is Enhanced Navigation for screen touch devices. All the buttons being made a bit bigger to get easily pressed by finger. Menu had been reworked to allow to navigate by fingertip.

 I have also noticed, reduced number of text labels, sometimes very annoying and complicating the action recognition. Please take a look at Grid buttons, They are now bigger and self explanatory. Of course tool tip is coming out when hover over the button.

Last thing - controls being repositioned and reworked, they all have the same width and come with description:

In overall, new approach reduced amount of code for developer 10 times. Numerous system enhancements improved the speed of operations locally by 30% as well on the server by 30%.

That is all about UI enhancements at the moment.

All the Best,

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